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3 Tips To Make Your Party or Event Memorable 

Whether it’s a corporate event or a birthday party at home, the planning stage can be daunting. It may seem simple, but basic planning for an event is one of the most time-consuming parts. For starters, you need to carefully plan all the details – from the venue, who and how many attendees are going to be there, the food and drinks, as well as activities for everyone to enjoy.

Plan your invitations and greetings accordingly. Make your invites more appealing to your guests by personalizing them. You can use their nicknames and maybe mention some interesting things to make them feel at ease – things that will let them know that you took the time to get to know them.

To further help you with your event preparation, here are 3 tips to make your event memorable:

#1) Give Out Small Gifts

Be it at a party or a corporate event, people will always be delighted by gifts or hampers. The gift items don’t even have to be expensive and luxurious. But you can always give out some thoughtful party swags or souvenirs that your guests are sure to appreciate. Bonus tip: Use your company logo on a paper bag to really drive home your branding. Stickers work well for this.

Gift bag for corporate events with company logo

Here are some ideas for your party favors:

Plants and mini succulents – If your crowd is into plants and gardening (most groups are), seedlings and mini succulents are surefire ways to wow them. Not only do they look elegant, but these party favors are sure to last a long time. What better way to remember your party, right? You can buy the succulents that come with custom pots, or you can grow the seedlings yourself until they are ready in time for your event.

Mini cocktails and drinks – For the adult party crowds, sending them home with their little cocktail kits will surely bring smiles to their faces. Choose some mini bottles of wine or brandy and pack them with little shot glasses or mini bottles of cola.

Sweets and baked goodies – For the kids, nothing can be more fun than bringing home a little bag of goodies. You can bake or order mini cookies of different variants and mix them in with some candies. For the adults, you can prepare some gift bags with either rum balls, macarons, or even homemade jams.

The important factor to remember when giving out gifts or souvenirs is to make sure that they match the theme of your event. Favors that will be useful and interesting to your guests will always leave a good impression.

#2) Hire an Ice Cream Catering Company

At any event or party, food should always be the main staple. Whether you are serving a full course meal or just some finger foods, you can never underestimate what power they hold. In fact, foods can make or break your event. You are not just feeding your guests but hosting them, so make sure to make them feel welcome and be thoughtful with your choices.

Event Catered with Ice Cream
Event Catered with Ice Cream

And of course, what great menu will be complete without desserts? And the best dessert for any occasion? Ice cream. But don’t just grab those gallons at the supermarket. Make your ice cream dessert extra special by hiring an ice cream catering company.

At Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone, we believe that great ice cream is an important staple at parties. Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate event, Cold Stone Ice Cream can bring that extra level of joy to kids and adults alike. We offer event catering packages for any occasion, and you can choose the ice cream flavors and toppings of your choice. Signature ice cream creations by Cold Stone Creamery are also available. We also offer delicious and decadent ice cream and specialty cake flavors!

Whether you hire us for a small event or a huge gathering of up to 1000 people, our ice cream catering packages will never disappoint. What’s more memorable than bringing a real Cold Stone experience with a beautiful presentation to your guests?

#3) Good Lighting

Setting the tone and creating a wow factor for your event will not be complete without great lighting. It is necessary to consider the kind of lighting you want to have at your event. Having great lighting is the easiest way to set the mood at an event as well as creating an incredible ambiance.

Event lighting with bulbs

If it’s a private party such as birthdays or weddings, be sure to consider what kind of lighting to use at a specific time of day as well as the size and location of the venue. For cocktails, warm lighting combined with some candles can give a dramatic effect. Adding a bit more lights and candles when it’s dinner time will help guests move around easily without changing the mood.

The rule of thumb for event lighting is to avoid bright white fluorescent lights. These lights are harsh on the eyes and can blur people’s visions. Lighting that can be controlled by a remote is also recommended for corporate events.

We all want our events to be as memorable as possible. Aside from renting out a great venue or turning your lawn into a perfect place, the little touches will help you achieve your goal of leaving a lasting impression on every one of your guests. So, during the planning stage, make sure to set some time and budget for a few special things that are sure to make your party an event that everyone will remember.

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