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5 Popular Event Catering Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a family party, there will always be a need to plan the menu. And while ordering meals for yourself is easy, a catering menu that will please everyone can be stressful. We’ll give you a few delicious ideas to serve to make your event extra unique and memorable.

Here are five incredible menu ideas for your next office lunch, birthday party, or even wedding:

1) Ice Cream Sandwiches

Are you planning an event during the summer? What could be more fun than having ice cream sandwiches for your guests? And to make it more special, forgo those sandwiches in paper wrappers and go for a DIY ice cream sandwich bar. For this, you will, of course, need ice cream. Make sure to get a variety of flavors so guests can choose what they like.

It’s always good to include the primary ice cream flavors most people love, such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can add one or two unique ice cream flavors or non-dairy options such as sorbet if you have the budget. And when you’re looking for an ice cream catering in Pinellas and Clearwater, there’s always Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone.

For ice cream sandwiches, you will also need cookies and toppings. For cookies, you can opt for chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, or funfetti cookies. And if you hire Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone, you don’t have to worry about the toppings since all their ice cream catering packages come to include four toppings of your choice.

Sliders (Small Burgers)

When it comes to sliders, you will never run out of options for delicious ones that are sure to satisfy your guests—the traditional mini burger slider with the usual beef patty, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. But there are many more options, and you can even experiment and have fun.

Do you want to try something different but still want the usual beef patty in your mini burgers? Try some Hawaiian Beef Sliders. The perfect combination of bacon and pineapple offers a sweet and savory taste. The Everything Breakfast Sliders would be a perfect choice for events held early in the day. This slider uses bagels instead of buns and includes bacon and eggs – a perfect tasty package.

Other options that can be perfect for your event are some Baked Ham and Colby Sliders. Who doesn’t like ham sandwiches? They smell irresistible and are so easy to prepare that you can even prepare them as an everyday snack.

Party Bread and Pastries

If you’re wondering what other foods to serve to your party guests, you can never go wrong with bread and pastries. These are great for light snacking or grazing while socializing at the party. How about some Savory Party Bread? This savory appetizer is made of loaf bread sliced and drizzled with cheese and onion bits.

If you want something sweet, you can always opt for some Pecan Pie Bars, Picnic Bars, or Cream Cheese Cookie Cups. The Pecan Pie Bars are like pecan pies but in bar form for leisurely grazing. Meanwhile, the Picnic Bars are fudge-like treats that your guests are sure to love. The chocolate chips and walnuts toppings make the moist and rich bars more delicious. Cream Cheese Cookie Cups are quick yummy bites that you can serve as dessert or snacks.

BBQ Bites (Pork or Chicken)

Everybody loves barbecue. These are perfect for any party or event, from pulled pork to sweet ribs or chicken bites. You can also try other barbecue recipes, such as smoked brisket and dry-rubbed chicken. Pair your main course with great sides such as mac & cheese, baked beans, collard greens, or roasted brussels sprouts. Use mini skewers for more convenience.

Delicious Tacos

If you’re looking for some quick but delicious bite to serve at your party, why not try some authentic tacos? Instead of the usual ground beef filling, you can opt for the Mexican flavors with skirt steak, cilantro, salsa verde, and some diced tomatoes. Not a fan of beef tacos?

You can always go for the fried fish with avocado cream version. Squeeze in some fresh lime juice, and you’re good to go. Or, if you want to try some Asian flavor, you’d never go wrong with some Korean tacos. Using Mexican tortillas, fill them with bulgogi and kimchi for some delicious main course.

There are so many options for catering menus, no matter the size of the event. Just look for a reliable catering company and discuss what kind of foods you’d like to serve and how many guests.

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