Ice Cream Catering - How To Do It Right
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Catering Ice Cream – What to Know and How to Do it Right

Everyone loves ice cream. Who wouldn’t? It’s a delectable dessert that cools you off during the hot days of summer and uplifts your mood during gloomy, rainy days. And since ice cream induces nostalgia, what’s a better way to bring out the good vibes among all the guests during an event or party?

And these days, you don’t even have to worry about managing an ice cream setup at your parties. There are many companies offering ice cream catering for your convenience! However, getting suitable ice cream catering is not an easy task. Like other parts of your event, it also needs planning. Not to worry, we’re here to give you essential tips on how to have the best ice cream catering experience!

Hiring an Ice Cream Catering: What to Know

Desserts will always be a hit on special occasions. Whether your guests prefer the usual ice cream flavors or custom ones, there will be companies that can cater to your needs. Here are the essential things to keep in mind when looking for the right catering company:

Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a great dessert option at any party, and everyone loves ice cream. But how do you decide what flavors to serve? There will always be one who doesn’t like a specific flavor. And the success of having ice cream catering is being able to serve flavors that everyone will appreciate.

The best thing to do is to serve the most basic flavors that people commonly love, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Along with these flavors, you can serve a couple of custom flavors that will suit the party’s theme. This way, there will be a flavor for everyone as well as try a new flavor.

Budget-Friendly Ice Cream Catering

While food often takes the lion’s share when budgeting for an event, ice cream catering can also be budget-friendly. You know where to find one. Thus, it is essential to plan and research all your available options. Check out the ice cream parlors in your area and see if they offer catering packages that will suit your event.

Picture-Perfect Setting

What event would be considered a success without happy memories captured in photos? And nowadays, social media posts and hashtags of events are all the rage. You see everyone posting pictures of their food at restaurants and parties, and wouldn’t it be great if your guests showed appreciation in photos as well?

With a colorful and delicious-looking ice cream spread, you can expect a picture-perfect setting at your event’s dessert table. 

Ice Cream Catering Makes Event Planning Easy

Whether a formal or themed event, planning one will always be a daunting task. But, with ice cream catering, you don’t have to worry about planning your dessert setting. Most ice cream catering companies offer packages that include everything – from flavor options to set and clean up. 

Getting an ice cream catering package means you don’t have to worry about logistics and setup since the catering team will take care of that for you. You need to discuss what you need, choose the flavors and inclusions you want, and you’re set.

How to Do Ice Cream Catering Right

Just like with event planning, a considerable amount of time and effort is necessary if you want to get the best ice cream catering. That includes looking for the best vendor or ice cream catering company that will work as your partner for the event. As such, you must ensure that you only hire professionals and people with experience in handling events of various sizes.

Call the experts. You might be thinking that ice cream catering is an easy enough job that anyone can do it. But, if you want your event to conclude without a hitch, it will be better to make sure you hire professionals. An ice cream catering company will be able to offer you the best flavor options as well as all the fixings, such as cones, toppings, hot fudge, whipped cream, and more.

Check all the details. Before you even sign that contract, check all the details in your ice cream catering package. How many staff will be sent to set up and serve the ice cream? Will there be enough fixings and condiments for all the guests? Make sure to tell the catering company about everything you want and ask questions you have.

Be inclusive. When choosing the ice cream flavors and other inclusions, keep every guest in mind – if possible. Check if there will be preferences and dietary restrictions. Ice cream catering companies offer various flavors and unique options, such as vegan, non-dairy, or gluten-free.

Ice cream is always a great addition, no matter what event you’re having. It’s not just decadent but also nostalgic. Remember when you would chase the neighborhood ice cream truck during childhood? A cone or cup of ice cream will always bring a smile to people’s faces, which would be wonderful to see at your party.

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