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Why “Friendly” Is So Important When Hiring an Ice Cream Caterer?

Whether it’s a big or small event that you’re planning, it can be stressful. You must think of many things all at once – logistics, venue, food and drinks, even the desserts. Thus, it is crucial to hire a reliable catering service. And the good thing is that there are now many catering companies offering various services.

There are food catering companies to serve full meals at your events. Some companies can serve just drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. Meanwhile, if you need dessert, some offer catering for pastries and desserts. Or you can get a catering company that serves all of these.

But, if you’re looking for something more decadent and fun for your guests, why not try ice cream catering? In this article, we’ll give tips on getting the best ice cream caterer for your event.

Tips on Choosing the Best Ice Cream Caterer

At Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone, we understand how stressful looking for a reliable caterer can be. Everyone likes ice cream, and what could be more delightful than an even with ice cream catering that offers great flavors and excellent service? 

  • Choose a caterer that offers flexibility. You don’t want someone who only gives you a menu, and that’s it. Make sure to choose an ice cream catering that can accommodate your and your guests’ needs. 
  • Check for testimonials from previous clients. Don’t just take the words of your prospective caterers. They will likely show you only the positive ones when you ask them for references. Make sure to take the time to do your research and find out genuine reviews from other clients.
  • Look for one with well-trained staff. Ensuring the catering staff meets your requirements is important for a successful and hitch-free event. The catering staff should be able to fully service your party, whether it’s a buffet or sit-down dinner.
  • Know the cost of service. Cost is always a major concern when planning an event. And this is a factor you need to look at when shopping for catering services. Check and make sure there are no potential hidden fees or additional costs charged to you after the event. 
  • Always read the fine print. Before signing the contract, please read and understand every detail written in it. It should include everything you asked for – from the ice cream flavor to the setup and how the treats are getting served. 

Get an Ice Cream Catering with Friendly Staff

If you are to have a smooth and fun party, you need a catering team that is knowledgeable but also friendly and personable. And why is that important, you may ask? Well, you don’t want snobby people serving your guests, do you? A party is fun and enjoyable when everyone – including the servers – is excellent and always full of smiles.

And regardless of whether they are serving ice creams or main entrée, everyone at the event is sure to love friendly caterers with ready smiles on their faces while interacting with others.

Delightful Staff at Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone

Our Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone staff are well-trained and knowledgeable in handling various events and parties. Be it a simple or big event, we guarantee you will enjoy every bit of the ice cream we serve.

Everyone in our company abides by our vision of bringing an extra level of joy to every guest we serve ice cream to. Thus, we ensure to adequately train all our staff so they can do their jobs at any event setup to the best of their abilities.

Trust Us and Our Reputation

We’ve been in the business of catering delecious ice cream to the residents of Pinellas County & Clearwater for years. You can check out reviews and real testimonials from our previous clients on Google. They will tell you how dedicated we are to our craft. With years of practice, we’ve established our brand as an expert in fun, delightful ice cream catering.

So, if you live in Seminole, Palm Harbor, or Safety Harbor, just come to one of our branches and inquire about our premium ice cream catering packages. You can also call our number or submit a contact form, and someone will get in touch. 

Finding a caterer, whether it’s for main entrees or ice cream, doesn’t have to be an ordeal. You have to know who to look for and have a definite plan of what you like for your party.

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