Fundraising Events

Cold Stone Creamery In-Store Events & Fundraising Options

A sweet tooth is no laughing matter when Cold Stone Creamery is involved! We are more than just your neighborhood destination for all things ice cream. We offer unique experiences to help celebrate birthdays, field trips, company parties and many other reasons to celebrate. If you have an idea, we have the staff and the tools to make sure your next event will stand out and be unforgettable. We offer in-store fundraising as well as off-campus fundraising opportunities to assist your cause reach its potential. The next time you are looking for a location or experience that will set your celebration apart from other venues look no further than Cold Stone Creamery of Safety Harbor, Florida!

Fundraising Made Easy

Cold Stone Creamery provides the perfect venue for your fundraiser! OUR JOB: to provide “The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience” 1. by offering a premium dessert product, 2. by offering incomparable customer service, 3. by creating a fun, friendly environment

1. Select a date and time.
3. Remember: The objective is to bring additional sales to the store and for your organization to benefit from that effort. 25% of ALL sales will go back to the organization! 

Cake or Pie Fundraising

We will design a cake or pie fundraiser for your school or organization where you receive money for every cake and pie sold to your supporters. All you do is promote the event among your supporters and wait for a check. You do not have to collect any money or handle the product.

Consider a Pumpkin Pie Fundraiser for Thanksgiving or a Cake Fundraiser for Mother’s Day!

Let Cold Stone Creamery of Safety Harbor, Florida design a cake or pie for your school or organization that will directly benefit your cause from its supporters. You will receive money for every specialty cake or pie sold and all you have to do is promote the event through channels that will reach your supporters and a check will be made out to the beneficiary of the efforts. By taking this approach, your school or organization will not have to collect any money or handle any product. Consider aligning your efforts with a holiday or event that will drive traffic toward the designated dessert and the rest is cake (or pie)!