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How to Choose The Best Ice Cream Caterer

Putting on an event can be stressful, not to mention a lot of work. Luckily, ice catering companies exist to take some of that responsibility off your weighted shoulders. Therefore, it is undeniably crucial that you pick the right one.

The Hunt

Depending on your event, there will be a lot of different companies to choose from. You want to see what others offer both in services and in price before simply selecting the cheapest one. Various businesses will present you with a range of quotes and it’s best to cross-check these quotes. You can take it a step further by doing your own research on what a fair price would be for the services you’re requesting. It’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest deal on dessert catering is not always the best or most effective deal.

Confirm Work History

Most companies, at least those that are serious in their particular industry, will have their own website. The website should have previous work displayed in various posts, along with comments or reviews. It’s fairly safe to remove a company from your prospective list if neither of these is found as it reflects a lack of legitimacy.

References and Reviews

In general, a good judgment of character can be what others say about you after an interaction. The same holds true for business and business practices as well. Analyze and inspect the reviews and references that are posted, keeping in mind that they can be biased. Consequently, it’s beneficial to also speak with individuals who’ve worked with the company, whether as a co-worker or client.

Seeing if they’re named on the better business listing is another effective way to review legitimacy. You can also perform background checks by questioning friends, family, and business associates on the quality of work the company provides.

Flexibility And Fit

Even with a fantastic price and positive reviews, as well as clear experience, an ice cream catering company might not be right for you. It’s critical to keep in mind your specific situation, and that a certain dessert catering company may be great for one scenario but not another. This says nothing about quality, simply different areas of expertise and varying services offered. For instance, you want to consider not just the size of your event but also its theme as well as the type of energy you’re looking for.

Furthermore, when assessing the aspects of your event, it’s important to select an ice cream caterer that is flexible. In other words, they have a variety of add-ons, adjustments, or specialties to assist in servicing an event’s specific needs.


Cold Stone Creamery is a great catering company for ice cream services that offers checkmarks in almost all the above-listed categories. Those they’ve serviced give positive reviews and they’re a well-known company, giving them a high score in the legitimacy ring. Flexibility-wise they provide a varying array of adjustments and specialties in their catering program to help better serve their clients. Whether it’s a party of 5 individuals or a party of 200, Cold Stone Creamery has a catering package fit for you.

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