DIY Ice Cream Cart

How To Create Your Own Ice Cream Station for Events

They say that eating ice cream makes you feel better and happy. You’re sad and gloomy? Eat some ice cream and you’ll feel good after. So, wouldn’t it be perfect to have ice cream at your events? Whether it’s a party for kids or adults, everyone would sure love a cup or two.

Setting up an ice cream station for your event is a great way to make sure all your guests will have a great time. And if this is your first time doing a DIY ice cream station, we’re here to give you some tips.

Think About Your Theme

Wouldn’t it be more fun if your ice cream station matches the theme of your event? Whether it’s a simple corporate meeting or a fun-filled wedding, getting themed ice cream flavors is going to be a sweet touch. 

How about celebrating important company news or hitting the team’s monthly or quarterly goals with a scoop of everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor? You can also get inspiration from the current season. Get ice cream station with seasonal flavors like some strawberry and mint for the holidays.

If you have the budget, go for the classic ice cream parlor-themed station. You can set up a vintage cart with striped awnings and tablecloths. How about adding some pastel balloons? A movie-themed or color-themed ice cream station would be awesome too!

Consider Logistics

Once you’ve decided that you want an ice cream station for your event or party and what theme you want, it’s time to think about the logistics. As you know, logistics can be a challenge with ice cream since they easily melt. Thus, you must properly plan your ice or freezer situation for your ice cream station to be a success.

One way to prepare for your event is to pre-scoop the ice creams into balls and place them in covered trays or containers. This way, you can just easily separate them later when it’s time to serve them. 

To ensure freshness, make sure to have ready stocks of ice buckets and freezer bags. Or you can just look for a venue with large freezer to keep the ice cream before the event starts. You can also rent top-load freezers that are designed for such occasions. 

Plan Your Ice Cream Menus

The next thing that you need to think about is the menu. There are so many flavors for you to choose from and depending on your theme, you can choose certain colors and flavors. It is best to narrow down your options so you can order the ice creams accordingly.

For brand events, you can choose ice cream colors and utensils that will match your brand. Or you can order custom flavors according to the event. For a fun birthday party, how about choosing ice cream flavors and colors that match the colors of the rainbow? It will be perfect for unicorn-themed parties.

For less hassle, you can have the option to set up a DIY sundae bar. It’s an option where your guests can create their own sundaes. Your guests will have a lot of fun and you’d be able to save up on the costs of hiring a staff to man the station.

Save Time by Hiring an Ice Cream Catering

At Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone, we will take all the guesswork off your event planning and bring you the best ice cream station for your event. We offer event catering packages for any occasion that include custom ice cream flavors, toppings, and even cakes. 

Check out our catering packages and choose among the signature ice cream creations we have. These are ice creams made fresh in our stores and delivered fresh for you and your guests. Specialty cakes and ice cream flavors are also among the options. You just need to decide what kind of package you want and what add-ons are included. We will take care of the rest and bring you the ultimate ice cream experience.

Whether it’s a small or big event, our catering packages include options to accommodate any event. Need small servings for the kids? Smaller ice cream servings are available for kids’ parties. Our packages can serve 70 or 1000 people. Both options include 3 standard ice cream flavors and 4 toppings. We can even bring our Stone and make the ice creams on site! 

Make your event more memorable by having an ice cream station that’s catered by us. We will bring real Cold Stone experience that will never disappoint!

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