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Ice Cream’s Hidden Healthy Benefits 

If there’s anything everyone can agree on, it’s that ice cream is the best mood booster out there alongside exercise (ironically enough). Stressed and just had the longest week? Grab yourself some ice cream and lighten up your mood. Had your heart broken? Get that favorite ice cream flavor, and it will make you feel better. Are you feeling the heat of summer? There’s nothing better than a refreshing scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor.

However, some may say that ice cream may not be the best for your health. After all, overeating ice cream can make you sick. Like other processed desserts, there are some drawbacks to eating ice cream. Since this dessert is loaded with sugar, it can indeed cause problems with your health.

But, like what they say, everything should be enjoyed in moderation. A scoop of ice cream may not be as healthy as a portion of salad, but some health benefits to consuming this ice-cold milky delight. The important thing is choosing the right flavors and knowing your limits when eating ice cream. You don’t have to feel guilty and can treat yourself occasionally. Just remember that moderation is the key. This article will list the health benefits of eating ice cream, however, we are no way about to argue that Ice Cream is healthy. Instead, we are just going to point out some of the often-overlooked health benefits.

Ice Cream is a Great Source of Vitamins

Looking for a dessert that not only brings you a smile but is also a great source of essential vitamins? Then, treat yourself to some ice cream. This cold dessert is packed with vitamins C, A, B6, D, B12, and E. It also contains thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin. Ice cream is also a great source of antioxidants. It helps stimulate the immune system and promote the proper functions of nerves and organs.

Ice Cream is a Dense Source of Energy

Ice cream is an excellent source of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates necessary for the body’s energy production. The US Department of Agriculture stated that you could get about 137 kilocalories of energy in a half cup of vanilla ice cream. That’s twice the amount you can get from a half cup of whole milk. 

Ice Cream is Rich in Minerals

Studies have shown that ice cream contains minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, vital in healthy teeth and bones. Both are also important in stimulating cardiovascular health and the functions of the kidney. These minerals are also necessary for maintaining joint health and preventing PMS. 

Ice Cream *May Prevent Mood Swings

Ice cream has been found to contain a compound that helps form thrombotonin. This is what helps uplift a person’s mood and prevent mood swings. Eating ice cream is also said to lower stress levels and prevent insomnia. 

Eating ice cream will also make you happy, seriously. It helps produce serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel happy. Some medical professionals advise people with seasonal affective disorder to always keep some ice cream on hand for those days when a pick-me-up is needed.  Of course, what goes up may come down, and a potential sugar crash is possible, thus reversing that mood when the fill tappers off.

Ice Cream Can Help Boost Immune Systems

Because ice cream is considered a fermented dairy, it is suitable for your immune system. We all know that fermented foods help protect the body from respiratory infections and gastrointestinal problems. And what that means is that you will have a stronger gut and respiratory system, which in turn makes your immune system stronger.  On the flip side, there are some elements within certain ice creams brand and flavors known to have an adverse effect on the immune system. Hence, be sure to consult with your doctor if you have a weakened immune system before consuming ice cream.

Ice Cream Helps Stimulate the Brain

A study conducted in Tokyo found ice cream to help boost your brain. The study compared a group of people who consumed ice cream at breakfast and one group who had a glass of cold water instead. The ones who had ice cream were much more alert. 
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Some experts also say that eating ice cream can increase the body’s dopamine level. This causes anyone who eats ice cream to be more alert and awake. The brain-boosting benefit of ice cream is also thanks to the L-triptophane contained in the dairy, a natural tranquilizer that relaxes the nervous system. 

Actual Nutritional Value of Ice Cream

The nutritional value may also be different depending on the brand, type, and flavor of ice cream you eat. Generally, a serving of about 66 grams of ice cream contains 137 calories, 2.31 grams of protein, 15.58 grams of carbohydrates, 7.26 grams of fat, and about 0.5 grams of dietary fiber.

The same serving size will give you 20.74% of total lipid fat, 33.33% of Vitamin D, 11.98% of carbohydrate, and 8.40% of calcium. Eating this much ice cream will also give you 12.15% of vitamin B2, 11.14% of Vitamin A, 11.33% of Vitamin C, 10.83% of Vitamin B12, and 7.66% of Vitamin B5. This also covers 9.86% of phosphorus, 6.82% of tryptophan, 7.72% of Isoleucine, 6.77% of valine, 5.45% of threonine, 5.65% of leucine, and 5.08% of lysine.

Moderation is Key

Of course, there will always be drawbacks to eating foods with high sugar content, calories, and fat. Hence, caution will always be included despite the mentioned health benefits of eating ice cream. Moderation is vital for reaping the benefits of ice cream while avoiding the harmful content.

Feel free to grab that pick-me-up scoop but always remember not to go overboard. As they say, anything consumed in an excessive amount is wrong for your body.

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