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Is Ice Cream Catering Expensive in Safety Harbor?

Are you planning an event in Safety Harbor and thinking about having it ice cream catered? Wondering how much budget you should prepare for an epic ice cream catering package? In general, ice cream catering is priced using a tiered system. This means that the cost varies depending on the size of your event.

Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone offers two primary catering packages. The first one is designed to serve from 4 to 150 people and has a setup cost of $100. If you need to serve from 151 to 1,000 guests, the second package with a setup cost of $160 is for you. There is then a package price per person depending on the size of the event.

*NOTE: These prices are subject to change with time and our costs increasing.

Choose from the various packages available – each one comes with three ice cream flavors and four toppings of your choice. Fresh waffle cones, fudge, caramel, whip cream, cups, spoons, and napkins are all standard with each package. Whether you’re preparing for an event with kids or adults, there’s something for everyone.

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