Should I Have Ice Catering At My Wedding?

Is Ice Cream Catering at Weddings Okay?

Wedding menu planning can be daunting. You must think about every detail – from appetizers to desserts. And the wedding cake, of course! There’s an excellent chance you’ll choose sophisticated menu items since it’s a formal event. However, you can still enjoy your menu by including ice cream as your dessert. 

Is ice cream catering at weddings okay? Absolutely! You can serve this cool treat as a dessert or even a late-night snack. Who wouldn’t love some ice cream? It will surely excite your guests – kids and the young at hearts. And there are various ways to include ice cream in your menu and have everyone enjoy the event. Read on for tips about ice cream and catering at your wedding.

Treat Ice Cream Like a Signature Cocktail

For a more customized experience, consider ice cream as a signature cocktail at your wedding reception. Be creative and create a custom name for each flavor; perhaps name a flavor after your pet or a family member? You can even incorporate a nostalgic vibe by giving the nod to your hometown.

Don’t Go Overboard

It might be fun to name each ice cream flavors you want to serve, but make sure not to go overboard. Three to six ice cream flavors should be plenty for your wedding guests to choose from.  View our catering options.

Get Creative

There are various ways to serve ice cream at weddings, so don’t limit yourself to cones and dessert glasses. 

  • Self-serving ice cream station. Why not let your guests enjoy a relaxed setting by setting up a self-serving station where they can choose the flavor and toppings they want? Whether it’s the kids or adults, everyone is going to love an interactive ice cream station.
  • Have fun with sundaes. You can either set up a sundae bar or have your catering serve prepared sundaes. The latter can be delivered to the guests at their tables. Sundae bars will allow your guests to make the dessert themselves and have fun with toppings!
  • Ice cream sandwiches. People love ice cream in whatever form, so don’t be afraid to serve ice cream sandwiches at your wedding. You can have the guests create their sandwiches using various cookies and their favorite ice cream flavor.
  • Mini cones. Are you planning on passing dessert? If so, mini cones of ice cream passed after meals or during cocktails will be great. You can ask your caterer to serve mini sugar cones with several ice cream flavors for the guests to choose from. This is perfect when guests crave ice cream but only want light desserts.
  • Ice cream and pastries. Another option for serving ice cream is to pair it with decadent pastries. 

Go For Ice Cream Cake

Gone are the days of following the norms of traditional wedding cakes. You can now choose from various options – from custom design to flavors. But why settle for a standard cake when you can have the best ice cream cake for your special occasion? You can have tiers of single-flavor ice cream cake or be adventurous and have levels of multi-flavored ice cream cake. 

Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone Creamery

If you live in the St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Florida areas and want ice cream catering for your wedding, you can contact Ice Cream Catering by Cold Stone. We come to you at Seminole, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. We can cater to any of your events – from engagement parties to the wedding day itself.

We have two catering packages for you to choose from – our portable cooler package, which can serve up to 150 people, and our portable freezer package, which can serve up to 1000 people. You can choose your ice cream flavors or include our signature ice cream and cakes.

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